ADA Compliance for Accessible Showers and the False Cluster Factor – NATSO Allied Member Post

A common misconception about showers in truck stops is that at least half of them must be ADA compliant – similar to the standards for toilet rooms. Actually, that’s not true…ALL of them must be compliant! The reason for the mix-up lies in the “cluster” factor. Section 213.2 of the ADA Standards states: “Where toilet rooms are provided, each toilet … READ MORE

Accessible Parking Spaces for Class 8 Trucks

Regulations for accessible parking spots are an important part of the ADA Standards, especially for truckstop and convenience store owners. Because it is easy to identify a noncompliant parking lot, parking has become the number one issue for ADA lawsuits across the country. Facility owners are becoming more knowledgeable in just what kind of accessible parking is required – but … READ MORE

Toilet Paper Dispensers Mounted Outside The Allowable Ranges

The placement of toilet paper dispensers is a small, but essential part in adhering properly to ADA regulations in restrooms. It is important not to overlook the smaller details. Non-compliance can lead to a cascade of issues including problems with user access and legal implications. The regulations created ensure full functionality of not just the toilet paper dispenser, but other … READ MORE