Prototype Process

We use technology to bring structure, consistency and accountability to a process that is inherently messy and unpredictable. Our proprietary software makes your project – and any future changes you need to make – easy and efficient to manage.

For owners with multiple locations, our online Project Work Order system gives you a powerful tool to manage your business. After your prototypes are set up in the PWO system, the ordering system is automated for your corporate locations and franchisees. Once a set of drawing is ordered through the online form, we produce the drawings in less than 24 hours, with notifications going out to the architect, franchisee, regional heads or anyone else you need notified. For one popular fast-food chain, TMG fulfilled 480 project work orders in five months, an average of over 80 per month.

Organizations using the PWO system to track trends among their franchisees so they know what features are being the most used and what can be phased out, increasing their profitability.