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Andrew “Jack” Jackson McIntosh officially joined The McIntosh Group after being left in the vestibule of our former office. Jack was just a kitten at the time, but now proudly boasts nine years of experience living at the firm.

Most of Jack’s pursuits center on locating the best places to stretch out or curl up for a nap. Known as a cat who appreciates variety and change, he always amazes the staff with the creative places he finds to hang out.

Jack often can be found at the reception desk, ready to greet everyone who enters – if he wakes up to notice. Jack does not like being excluded from meetings and insists on attending most of them. In the spirit of camaraderie, Jack tries to make his rounds to all team members and has claimed a favorite spot in every office.

As we like to say, we come to Jack’s house to work every day.

*Domestic Shorthair