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Andrew “Jack” Jackson McIntosh (2000-2018)

Jack, a domestic shorthair and just a kitten at the time, officially joined The McIntosh Group after being left in the vestibule of our former office.

Most of Jack’s pursuits centered around locating the best places to stretch out or curl up for a nap. Known as a cat who appreciated variety and change, he always amazed the staff with the creative places he found to hang out. Jack did not like being excluded from meetings and often insisted upon attending most of them. Occasionally, if a meeting started without him, he would let his feelings be known with his unique meow that could be heard two floors up. Jack was very laid back and never lost his cool. The most extroverted introvert, Jack welcomed pets and cuddles from anyone anytime.

After a long and happy life, Jack crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2018. The McIntosh Group office will always be “Jack’s house.”