Lanny McIntosh

Brad is a partner at The McIntosh Group and a leading expert on accessibility. He has approximately 30 years of experience practicing architecture.

With expertise in the Americans with Disabilities Act and national building codes, Brad brings a unique and valuable perspective to The McIntosh Group’s practice and clients. Based on his deep love and understanding of codes, Brad has been accused of sleeping with a code book under his pillow.

Brad is a California Certified Accessibility Professional (CASp), ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector and a past Certified Building Official. He represents The National Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing (NACS) on the ANSI A117.1 Consensus Committee on Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities. This committee develops the national standard that guides building owners on accessibility. Brad also serves on the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Architects and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Brad is passionate about all things related to ADA compliance not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the right thing to do. Helping people understand the real reasons behind compliance requirements and meeting them in a painless, efficient way drives his work.

Brad is registered to practice architecture in 14 states including Hawaii and Alaska. He also is an AIA Continuing Education System provider and regularly provides consultation and leads presentations, seminars and webinars for professional groups regarding accessibility nationwide.

Although he earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma, Brad bleeds OSU orange!