As banks rapidly improve their online and mobile banking options, it is critical that branch locations focus on building customer relationships. Banks of tomorrow need spaces that are welcoming, create connections and are ADA compliant and accessible to all customers. We have the process and technology to help you not only design that experience at one location, but to replicate it at every branch – creating a consistent experience and brand.

Of course, while it is important that banking facilities give customers the experience they are looking for, a bank must also consider the facilities that their commercial loans cover. ADA compliance is a federal law. Both SBA and USDA loans require that all new construction comply with the ADA regulations and there are specific rules about renovating existing structures. That means that a bank is exposed to liabilities if their commercial customer is non-compliant. For example, if the bank forecloses on the loan and takes ownership of the property, the bank becomes responsible for compliance. Banks need to protect themselves by conducting an ADA audit of the property before approving the loan.


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