Checking your ADA Checklist

In ADA audits, all checklists are not created equal. The Department of Justice has a 12-page Existing Facilities checklist that is a decent start, but is insufficient for a full ADA audit to protect you from future lawsuits.

ADA accessibility checklist survey audit

The McIntosh Group’s “TMG Surveyor” ADA Checklist for the iPad

We use an in-house developed comprehensive checklist with more than 3800 questions informed by a line-by-line analysis of the 2010 ADA Standards, Department of Justice suggestions, state codes, and our personal knowledge and experience with the ADA.

Our checklist automatically populates a database which applies our recommended construction tolerances based on the 2010 ADA Standards and state codes.

This database also allows us to assign suggested priority levels based on risk to each barrier removal and allows us to provide estimated barrier removal costs, so you can plan for updates according to your schedule and budget.

The database is also searchable by filters, benefiting facilities with many locations by sorting by barrier, saving the owner time and also money through economies of scale. It is also downloadable to Excel spreadsheets, giving you the ability to slice and dice the data in any way they choose.

Do your homework before hiring an ADA consultant and make sure their checklist is worth your investment.

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