Accessibility and The Silver Tsunami: How aging boomers are changing how we think and build

Several years ago, in a speech outlining six disruptive demographic trends that would require change, James Johnson’s prognostications laid the groundwork for the myriad transformations today’s brands are having to deal with across all segments.   What Johnson, director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said was that our communities and businesses were … READ MORE

Your building is your brand: New Jackson Technical building design reflects business culture

Downtown Tulsa, Okla., is home to some of the most brilliant examples of Art Deco architecture in the nation, yet, at the same time, it includes abandoned box buildings and unkempt parking lots. This quickly is changing, as small, local businesses are popping up like fresh wildflowers and transforming the “vibe” of Downtown Tulsa into a creative, business-friendly and arts-focused hub. … READ MORE

Inside The Center Experience

At The McIntosh Group, we pride ourselves on being a national leader in ADA Compliance. As an intern architect at McIntosh, I have the rare opportunity to truly make a difference in my work,  helping businesses better serve their customers and protect their assets, and helping individuals with disabilities have the same experiences and opportunities others are afforded in day-to-day … READ MORE