Wendy’s ADA Program


PROBLEM: Wendy’s has always been committed to supporting the communities where they do business. Part of this commitment is making sure all customers enjoy their experience in the restaurant. In 2014, they wanted to survey 500 of their stores, in several states, to make sure they were ADA compliant. The solution needed to be streamlined so they could manage any needed remodels in a timely manner and have the capacity to expand to other locations.


SOLUTION: Utilizing our proprietary software, we set up a customized iPad app for our survey team and an online tool, which enabled us to quickly and accurately manage the process and any corrective actions that were needed. We also coordinated the surveys around construction starts, restaurant openings and other scheduling changes.

The online tool is a central location where Wendy’s can track the survey results, create customized reports, view recommendations on removing ADA barriers, and receive architectural drawings to make those changes and certifications when a repair is made.

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