Pizza Hut Next Gen


PROBLEM: The program began with Ted and Benjie working with Pizza Hut’s design team in their corporate office to assist in developing their “next generation” dine-in stores that included their new “slice bar” concept.  The locations were to reuse the existing standard Pizza Hut kitchens and construction standards for simplicity of construction and to keep the cost down.  Projects varied from new builds, scrape and rebuilds, to endcaps and remodels.

TMG also assisted Pizza Hut by providing millwork drawings and working with the vendor to lower costs for their DELCO+ prototypes.

SOLUTION: Staying on top of the ever changing design direction Pizza Hut took once Ted and Benjie were no longer in control of the design.

I assume this relates to the “problem” question above – but this issue was resolved by staying connected and as involved with their team as much as possible.  Always offering to assist in items that relieved pressure from their end helped them work with us as a team instead of a simple “vendor”.