Jackson Technical


PROBLEM: Jackson Technical needed a building that captured their company culture, which is relaxed, welcoming and high tech.

SOLUTION: The data server rack became our inspiration for the new Jackson Technical office. Using this conceptual model, we created interior spaces that were open and full of energy.

We also incorporated the idea of pushing the data servers further in or out of the racks. The result, exterior terraces and bay windows that give the building visual interest. Inside, we put the building’s inner workings on display — exposing the pipes, wires and ductwork to reflect their tech culture.

The structure of each bay uses the golden ratio of 1.618 (width) to 1 (height). This was further applied to the storefront enclosure as well, giving the right balance of steel and glass.

The rear of the building is a solid anchor to the open spaces in front. Prominent signage welcomes people as they exit Hwy 75 on the Seventh Street exit into downtown Tulsa. This is also where we place the fire stairs, elevator, restrooms and vertical utility shafts.