Do truck stops by law have to have Handicap parking for truck drivers?

Per the exception contained in (Americans with Disabilities Standards) ADAS Section 208.1, parking spaces used exclusively for trucks, busses, or other delivery vehicles are not required to be compliant with ADAS Section 208 which specifies the minimum number of accessible and van accessible parking spaces required.  Based upon this, no truck, bus, or other delivery vehicle accessible spaces are required to be … READ MORE

What is the law concerning handicapped accessible parking concerning tractor trailer trucks & truck stops?

  -Tish K. ANSWER: Tish, As long as you provide a passenger loading zone in compliance with the ADA Standards, you should be OK. The ADA Standards have an exemption from the requirement to provide accessible parking spaces for those parking spaces used exclusively for: Buses Trucks Other delivery vehicles Law enforcement vehicles Vehicular impound …when such lots provide a … READ MORE

Counter top height in a residential hall community kitchen

A client wants to use a 36″ high range oven/induction cook top in a residential hall community kitchen. The ADA indicates that for universal design counter tops shall be 34″ high maximum. Are there any instances where you could use the 36″ range oven combination and still comply with the latest version of the ADA -William C. ANSWER: William, The … READ MORE