What are the minimum size requirements for an ADA bathroom stall?

— Mark D. – USA ANSWER: Per the 2010 ADA standards section 604.8.1.1 Size, the minimum size for a toilet compartment for wall hung fixture is 60” wide measure perpendicular to the side wall and 56” deep minimum measured perpendicular to the rear wall. The minimum size for a toilet compartment for a floor mounted fixture is 60” wide measure … READ MORE

I had an appointment this afternoon with my dermatologist. During the course of my visit, I needed to use the restroom. This was a newer building (around 3 years old) and the only restroom was placed outside the dermatologist’s suite of offices (whose doors were not power operated). I had to move my power wheelchair up to the counter and ask for assistance getting out into the hall to go outside the office to the restroom in the hallway of the building. I of course, had to repeat the process on the return. My question is, isn’t someone who manages or owns the building in violation of handicap laws recently enacted? If so, what can be done to inform them they are not in compliance?

— Lynne S. – Hickory, NC ANSWER: Since there is not a public toilet room within the office an accessible toilet would not be required within the office. There are no requirements for an automatic or powered door at office entry. There is a requirement that interior doors be operable with 5lbs of force or less. Based upon the information provided, the … READ MORE

Currently we are in the process of doing a tenant improvement in a multi-storied (10) in Jacksonville, FL. One of the floors being improved is without an ADA compliant restroom. Can compliance be satisfied by the floor above and the floor below, both having ADA compliant restrooms?

— Paul. – Orange Park, FL ANSWER: In my opinion, unless there is a technical infeasibility to doing so, the toilet room on the floor being improved must be made accessible. Also, please remember that you have an obligation to spend up to an additional 20 percent of the remodel costs to remove barriers that may exist in the Path of Travel to … READ MORE