Brad, I attended your program in Tulsa last June. I had a question of where is it documented that buildings used by active duty military personnel do not have to be ADA compliant? I need to quote chapter and verse to convince the State of Arkansas that it is not required to build ramps into buildings that only active personnel will use. Thank you for your help.

— Mark E. ANSWER: There are several issues at play here. 1st.  If it is a DOD building on a military base the State of AR should have no role to play in this issue.  DOD buildings on military bases are not subject to state or local requirements. 2nd. Federal government buildings by definition do not have to comply with the … READ MORE

In the case of a bathroom with an out-swinging door, can the ~2″ of floor space between the door frame and the face of the door be counted as part of the 60″ turning space? I cannot find a definition that limits the turning space to the wall surfaces. This case could apply to a particularly tight area that is already built.

— Maria G. ANSWER: The quick answer is yes.  As long as the circular turning space is clear you can use whatever space is available. . – Brad

Do state ADA guidelines act as a companion document or extension to the national guidelines?

— Presentation attendee in Atlanta ANSWER: There are no state ADA guidelines. There are building codes such as the ANSI A117.1, CBC Chapter 11, Florida Accessibility Standards, and Texas Accessibility Standards that must be complied with as part of the construction process.  California and MA, for example, also have a state civil rights law that mimics and in some instances exceeds … READ MORE