Hello Brad, I am working on a Senior Affordable Housing project, and TCAC mandates 50% mobility units. Our CASp consultant explained to us that it means 50% will be 11A compliant and 50% will be 11B compliant. However we are getting another directive that all of the units will be 11A per CBC 2013 11B- Please advise. Thank you.

— Meghana J. ANSWER: There is not enough information provided to provide a complete answer.  We can state that CBC 2013 11B- only applies to public housing facilities.  If this is not a public housing facility then only Chapter 11A would apply to the dwelling units.  The number required by 11A will depend on number of stories and whether an elevator … READ MORE

Read your paper on tolerances. and am disappointed to find much tighter tolerances in Ballast’s report commissioned by the Access Board. Can you point me in the direction of further info on the subject? Specifically tolerances for pavement. Also any idea why the ballast report talks about access aisles and loading zones, but not the parking spaces? Or why it would have different tolerances for “running” and “cross” slopes in pavement? That doesn’t seem practical in a parking area, unless it was adjacent to a curb.

— Pete D. ANSWER: As an architect I find Ballast’s report to be totally unrealistic.  He definitely is not the industry standard. For further info here is actually ONE court case with stated allowable tolerances: Kirola V The City and County of San Francisco. I cannot specifically comment on the ‘why’s and ‘wherefore’s of the Ballast report, but again, based upon my … READ MORE

When upgrading a Free Air Dispenser at an Existing Retail Convenience Store to a different make and model dispenser, is it a requirement to make all elements of the dispenser accessible? Would this include the path to the machine, the accessible aisles, and the site conditions at the machine?

— Bjorn B,. – USA ANSWER: If it is a free air dispenser: The controls must comply with reach range and operation forces. The dispenser must be on an accessible route to the “parking space” There must be a compliant clear floor ground space. The “parking space” should slope no more than 2%. The access aisle should slope no more … READ MORE