Are older buildings grandfathered in from making them accessible to wheel chair users? Copy

-Keith K. ANSWER: The quick answer is no.  “Grandfathering” does not exist in the ADA.  Since the ADA was passed, there has been a barrier removal obligation.  The trigger to remove these barriers is the fact that they exist.  It does not matter how old the building is.  There are three reasons that barriers do not need to be removed. … READ MORE

Is there any ‘code” regarding the use of decomposed granite in park paths as to if they are compliant with ADA?

— Anne T. ANSWER: Decomposed granite is not specifically prohibited for use as an accessible surface. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design reads: 302.1 General. Floor and ground surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip resistant and shall comply with 302. That said, decomposed granite is not usually considered to be stable and firm. I hope this helps! – Brad

I would like to know the dimensions of an ADA bathroom for a small office retail space. There would be one bathroom and total space about. 1,000. The requirements would have to be for FL. This would include all handicap requirements. Thanking you!

— Melvin W. ANSWER: The smallest compliant toilet room would be about 7′-6″ X 6′-0″ with an out-swinging door. This would accommodate a standard sink and water closet as well as allow for the required 60″ diameter turning circle.  This also allows for some material and construction tolerances. I hope this helps! – Brad