Hello Brad, I am working on a Senior Affordable Housing project, and TCAC mandates 50% mobility units. Our CASp consultant explained to us that it means 50% will be 11A compliant and 50% will be 11B compliant. However we are getting another directive that all of the units will be 11A per CBC 2013 11B- Please advise. Thank you.

— Meghana J.


There is not enough information provided to provide a complete answer.  We can state that CBC 2013 11B- only applies to public housing facilities.  If this is not a public housing facility then only Chapter 11A would apply to the dwelling units.  The number required by 11A will depend on number of stories and whether an elevator is provided or not.  Per 1104A.1 all ground-floor units must be adaptable but be advised that units on higher floors can be considered ground-floor units.  Also, all units on a ground floor are covered units and must comply with the standards.

This is a very complex situation to determine the number and types of units to be provided.

Please feel free to reach out again and discuss this further. Thanks for your question.

– Brad

Brad Gaskins