I live in Hoboken, NJ, where street parking is horrific. I have a handicapped spot in front of my apartment that is under the jurisdiction of street cleaning rules between 8-9am, all weekdays – so 5 days a week. I had contested this to the town two years ago, since it is ludicrous to ask a disabled person with walking issues to move the car every day, not to mention, it would take another spot away from someone else in town, if I can even find a space – which may or may not be anywhere near my home (from which I work as well). As a courtesy, they said they would not ticket me, or any other person in the same situation, agreeing it made no sense. They just decided to change this courtesy, claiming the car being left on the street effects the street cleaning (we have NEVER had any garbage near our car left there. I was never informed about the change, and got 3 tickets last week (totaling $135). I am going to meet with the head of parking and the Major’s assistant on Wednesday, July 9. Is there anything in the Disabilities act I can use to defend myself? It defies common sense, but if there is anything in the law on my side, it would be great to know about it. Thank you!

— Michael B. – NJ

ANSWER: Unfortunately the ADA does not specifically address this situation. My opinion would be that this is not an ADA violation based upon the fact that this applies to all parking spaces on the street not just the accessible spaces and therefore not be discriminatory. I also understand the ludicrous nature of applying this to the accessible spaces on a daily basis and hope that the jurisdiction will use common sense in lieu of the strict wording of the standards.