I am currently working on a project in our church to make our beautiful upper church ADA accessible with a lift and or a couple chair lifts to allow our older parishioners and wheelchair bound accessibility to services that we provide so all can feel equal with their own independence. We are looking for funding for this large project and we keep hitting road blocks. We are currently trying to set up fundraisers but will take a very long time to be able to complete this project depriving many people accessibility. Any Grants or funding that you could direct me to would be greatly appreciated.

— Bill S. – Philadelphia, PA

ANSWER: Bill, thanks for the question. First I would start with your accountant to see if they are aware of any federal tax credits that may be available. This may not be the case for a religious entity since it is not covered under the ADA. Following is a list of searches that may help you. Using the internet to search for grants: eHow.com : Broad information on grants for churches; Handicap Accessibility Grants for Churches; How to Find Grants for Churches; Church Remodeling Grants; Federal Grants for Church Renovations Available Grants for Churches; How to Get Grants for Church; How to Set Up a Church Sound System; Faithbased Church Grants; http://www.grants.gov/