Counter top height in a residential hall community kitchen

A client wants to use a 36″ high range oven/induction cook top in a residential hall community kitchen. The ADA indicates that for universal design counter tops shall be 34″ high maximum. Are there any instances where you could use the 36″ range oven combination and still comply with the latest version of the ADA

-William C.



The quick answer is yes. The kitchen counter requirements only applies to residential units, while the appliance section of the ADA applies to all kitchens.

Section 804.6 requires clear floor/ground space for ranges and ovens. The controls must be in compliance with Section 309 and 308. It should also be noted that one cannot reach over the burners to access the controls. The controls must be located on the front panel of the unit.

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Figure 308.3.1

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Brad Gaskins