Are landings required at the top of parallel curb ramps?

I see that it is stated they are, at 406.7 in A117.1 & at 406.4 in the 2010 Standards , but both of those statements go on to mention flares, making me wonder if parallel ramps are different. The 2010 Standards do not show parallel ramps. A parallel ramp is shown in A117.1 Fig C406.7a, but no indication of the landings. I have looked at many other diagrams from various sources including PROWAG and never see the parallel configuration call for landings, unlike most diagrams of flared ramps.

— Peter D.



ADA’s 406.4 requires landings at the tops of curb ramps. The exception being in ALTERATIONS where a landing is not provided then flares must be provided.

406.4 Landings. Landings shall be provided at the tops of curb ramps. The landing length shall be 36 inches (915 mm) minimum. The landing clear width shall be at least as wide as the curb ramp, excluding flared sides, leading to the landing. EXCEPTIONS: In alterations, where there is no landing at the top of curb ramps, curb ramp flares shall be provided and shall not be steeper than 1:12

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Figure 308.3.1

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