What measurements matter concerning grab bars?

Brad, my question concerns new construction toilets that are 19 to 19 3/4 inches off of the side walls. The contractor states that we can extend the grab bars out on the sidewall, because all that matters in the 16-18 inches measurement is the distance from the actual grab bar itself to the centerline of the toilet. Is there any proof … READ MORE

Counter top height in a residential hall community kitchen

A client wants to use a 36″ high range oven/induction cook top in a residential hall community kitchen. The ADA indicates that for universal design counter tops shall be 34″ high maximum. Are there any instances where you could use the 36″ range oven combination and still comply with the latest version of the ADA -William C. ANSWER: William, The … READ MORE

What is the minimum size of a handicap restroom in a restaurant? Copy

-Zaki K. ANSWER: There are many factors that will lead to determining the size that a restroom must be in a restaurant and the size will vary accordingly. The clear floor space for a water closet, lavatory, accessories, toilet compartments, paths of travel, door maneuvering clearance, and turning space that are all requirements that will lead to the minimum size … READ MORE