It is my understanding that as part of the CFR, the ADA was initially written as an ACT or Regulation but was not officially a law even though it could be enforced through the civil courts. Is this correct?

ANSWER: This is a legal question that should be referred to an attorney for a final answer.  The following is not a legal opinion.  The ADA is a law, 42 US Code  Chapter 126 known as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, that has a basic outline for non-discrimination against persons with disabilities and directed by the US Access … READ MORE

If ADA is not a building code, why is it specifically called out and/or paraphrased by examples within the national building codes? -C.L.

ANSWER: The ADA is a civil rights law and is enforced as such.  The ADA Standards can and have been adopted by jurisdictions as part of their building code such as CA, TX, and FL.  This gives it a dual purpose in these jurisdictions.  However, the ADA is still a civil rights law and, as a federal law, is enforceable … READ MORE

Does ADA have an affect upon provisions for electric vehicle charging stations? -C.L.

ANSWER: Yes the ADA has impact for electric vehicle charging stations.  Section 201.1 of the ADA Standards requires all areas of newly designed and newly constructed buildings and facilities to comply with the Standards.  Section 205.1 requires operable parts to comply with the Standards.  Therefore, even though there is not a specific requirement in the ADA Standards for electric vehicle … READ MORE