Can you elaborate on examples of when ADA compliance isn’t required?

Can you elaborate on examples of when ADA compliance isn’t required that you mentioned on the FM Podcast? We are going to re-pave soon and are curious about if we need to have a compliant parking lot because we re-paved. — Zack R. ANSWER: Zack, Thanks for listening to the podcast! I’ll have another episode coming up soon. As a civil … READ MORE

Are landings required at the top of parallel curb ramps?

I see that it is stated they are, at 406.7 in A117.1 & at 406.4 in the 2010 Standards , but both of those statements go on to mention flares, making me wonder if parallel ramps are different. The 2010 Standards do not show parallel ramps. A parallel ramp is shown in A117.1 Fig C406.7a, but no indication of the … READ MORE

On the designated ADA fueling position, does 30×46 flat surface need to start at the base of the dispenser? If not, how far out from the dispenser can it be?

— Neil F. ANSWER: Neil, The 30X48 floor/ground space location will be dependent on the reach ranges to the controls on the fuel dispenser. Based upon our experience with fuel dispensers and the reach ranges to controls, the clear/floor ground space should be within 10″ of the face of the controls. Thank you for your question! Let me know if you have … READ MORE