Can you make a women’s bathroom ADA acceptable as to an ADA person calling it a ADA unisex bathroom and leaving the Men’s room as is? Both rooms are very small and I am trying to at least make one bathroom accessible?

If your local code allows for gender-neutral toilet rooms then by making BOTH toilet rooms gender neutral you need 50% of your toilet rooms to be accessible.  In the scenario you list with two toilet rooms, making them both gender neutral, only one would need to be accessible.

Do exterior basketball courts, tennis courts, running tracks (rubber or granite) need to meet ADA requirements? If so, what are they?

These are all some kind of a sports court. As such there are no requirements for sports courts proper. There is a requirement that the sports courts be on an accessible route. 206.2.2 Within a Site. At least one accessible route shall connect accessible buildings, accessible facilities, accessible elements, and accessible spaces that are on the same site. 206.2.12 Court … READ MORE