I saw you in OKC at the CEU seminar you said that if a business or restaurant requires two restrooms and they are both uni-sex then only one needs to be accessible. Section 1109.2 of 2015 IBC states that each toilet room shall be accessible…can you clarify this conflict!

If you will look at the exception 3, you will find that only 50% of each use must be accessible. If they are both unisex then there is only one type so only 1 of the 2 (50%) must be accessible. Please note that this exception is applied to bathing rooms but the ADA exception does not apply to bathing … READ MORE

Would ADA ever address the restroom DOORS? Restroom doors are heavy and difficult to use when you have cane, walker, scooter or wheelchair!

Yes. The ADA covers doors. Doors are required to be operable with 5 Pounds of force maximum and have a closing speed of 5 seconds or greater from fully open to approximately 8” from fully closed. The openers you mentioned are a great substitute. They serve as an equivalent facilitation to the above listed requirements. They come with a very … READ MORE