Would you please clarify the measurements of a toilet paper dispenser installed in a regular bathroom stall and a handicap stall with grab bars. I see the requirement of 14 min to 19 max in height, but what about the distance from the water closet/toilet?

There is no requirement for the installation of a toilet paper dispenser at a water closet that is not an accessible water closet. Toilet paper dispensers at an accessible water closet, whether they are in a stall or not, are to be mounted between 15” and 48” above the floor to the outlet and 7” to 9” in front of … READ MORE

I am trying to do a cad drawings of a special wood entry door to go on a restaurant in South San Francisco. It will have a powered closer . Is there a drawing or diagram available that shows correct positions for the two switches that are required on both sides of the door?

I am not aware of any drawings or diagrams. The following are the requirements for the switches. Please note that 2 switches are required on each side of the door. One low and one high. c. Powered doors shall be controlled on both the interior and exterior sides of the doors by sensing devices, push plates, vertical actuation bars or … READ MORE