What are the requirements for a street side cluster box?

There is no requirement for how you use the box from an ADA standpoint. The only requirement for a pedestrian approach would be a clear floor space, accessible route, and reach ranges to the boxes. If it were a drive-up approach only, then none of these conditions would be required. It is possible to have the USPS do door delivery … READ MORE

What is the maximum length and width a ramp can be that meets ADA requirements ?

There are no maximum length and width requirements for ramps. There are maximum widths for handrails and maximum rises for ramps before a level landing is required. 405.2 Slope. Ramp runs shall have a running slope not steeper than 1:12. 405.5 Clear Width. The clear width of a ramp run and, where handrails are provided, the clear width between handrails … READ MORE