ADA Services

We work with clients to determine the specific process that is right for them, but these are the services that will bring your facilities into ADA compliance.

  • Survey: Certified inspectors survey your facilities to determine if there are any accessibility issues. As the surveys are conducted, the data is collected on an iPad and uploaded to a dashboard using our proprietary software – giving you immediate access to the information you need. At the end of the survey, you receive a report outlining any issues discovered.
  • Solutions: Develop and document solutions to correct any issues found in the survey. This information is uploaded to the dashboard so you can easily check on a specific location and manage projected costs. If you have multiple locations, our database can be mined for statistics and patterns that enable us to spot trends and develop cost effective solutions.
  • Plan & Fund: Create a prioritized plan to make necessary corrections and align them with your capital approval cycle(s).
  • Implement: Manage the process to get the issues corrected.
  • Verify: Confirm that the corrections were done correctly. We can provide field verification of completed construction or we can train your internal or external resources to verify the work was done correctly.
  • Advocacy & Support: Provide support to your team in responding to claims, interpretations, disputes and other accessibility-related challenges. We can assist your team in all areas from negotiating with local jurisdictions to clarify questionable interpretations of the law to reviewing plans for new construction and remodels.
  • Training: Train your staff and extended team so compliance becomes a core business process. Download our ADA Training Brochure.

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