Checking your ADA Checklist

In ADA audits, all checklists are not created equal. The Department of Justice has a 12-page Existing Facilities checklist that is a decent start, but is insufficient for a full ADA audit to protect you from future lawsuits. We use an in-house developed comprehensive checklist with more than 3800 questions informed by a line-by-line analysis of the 2010 ADA Standards, … READ MORE

So you need to do an ADA Survey? Now What?

You’ve been tasked with making sure your facilities are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You’ve researched your options online, and it looks like there are ADA consultants across the nation, and they’re all the same. How will you choose a firm that will protect you from lawsuits, help you make your facilities accessible in an easy-to-manage program, … READ MORE

4 Steps to Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Trying to meet all the requirements in the 2010 ADA Standards can be convoluted and confusing. Because of the vagueness in some of the wording, business owners are often left guessing at the interpretation. Add in the cost to remove barriers and it can seem insurmountable. Although it can be overwhelming, accessibility can be reached. The key is being proactive … READ MORE