Data-driven hospitality

Big data has empowered hospitality businesses to learn more than ever before about their guests, helping them fine-tune the sales process, guest services, and personalization of the guest experience. On a business level, it allows them to predict revenue from certain products and services, and more accurately measure and forecast their occupancy rates. Hospitality is arguably the most customer-centric industry. … READ MORE

FM Innovator Podcast Episode 43: How to Choose a Qualified ADA Consultant

This interview was conducted by Mike Petrusky of Kayrell Communications for the FM Innovator Podcast. Mike interviewed ADA expert Brad Gaskins on the unique challenges facility managers face with accessibility and ADA compliance. To listen to this podcast, visit: Mike: “The FM innovator podcast is pleased to welcome back to the show our favorite ADA expert. Calling in from Tulsa, OK, … READ MORE