Our Wendy’s Experience

We are proud to work with many restaurants with locations across the country to bring consistency to their corporate brand and help franchisees through design programs. Check out more about our restaurant experience here, or download our Wendy’s Brochure.  Wendy’s Rollout  

Five practical tips on the ADA

In the fast-moving world of retail and facilities management, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can seem like a wild goose chase. And who has time for that, right? But with our population’s increasing accessibility needs and a significant rise in ADA lawsuits, it’s an issue you can’t afford to ignore. Based on information we’ve uncovered in the … READ MORE


Inside, we’re all the same

How the “Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma” impacted one accessibility team member Sometimes, getting an up close and personal look at the work you try so passionately and diligently to perfect can make all the difference. Bhree Barrett can attest to that. Earlier this year, the accessibility surveyor at The McIntosh Group was invited to judge the “Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma” contest in … READ MORE