Is there any ‘code” regarding the use of decomposed granite in park paths as to if they are compliant with ADA?

— Anne T. ANSWER: Decomposed granite is not specifically prohibited for use as an accessible surface. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design reads: 302.1 General. Floor and ground surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip resistant and shall comply with 302. That said, decomposed granite is not usually considered to be stable and firm. I hope this helps! – Brad

I am in a Village that picks and chooses who to require ADA compliance. Three building next to mine have had extensive renovations, more than the purchase price. None have been required to install elevators to the second floor. (more than 1000 sq/ft) How is this possible? Art Gallery was recently put in a basement with no access? Theater that is not ADA accessible?

— Randall E. ANSWER: The building Owner chooses what their scope is in complying with the ADA in existing buildings.  The local building official determines what needs to be done per the local accessibility code.  Sometimes the language is the same and others not.  The building official has no authority to enforce the ADA; however, in new buildings, by law, the entire … READ MORE

At a POS counter is it required to provide a full “CLEAR” counter space 36″x the depth of the counter? Meaning the POS monitor, or any other equipment shall not be placed in this area, and this area is left clear of any obstructions?

— Jonathan O. ANSWER: There are several parts to this question that must be addressed first. There is no explicit requirement that a 36” wide section of counter be provided.  The requirement is that if the counter is 36” wide or greater a 36” wide section of counter needs to be provided.  This raises the question as to how to measure … READ MORE