What is your interpretation of placing restroom accessories on rear wall of accessible water closet compartment and below the grab bar? I understand that this area must remain unobstructed for wheel-chair user to back against wall, parallel to water closet, to transfer. Accessories will be an impediment to toilet access and thus complicates the maneuver. Technical criteria in ADA Standards (2010) are ambiguous about this issue. Don’t accessibility advocates promote keeping the rear wall (under the g.b.) clear, and doesn’t the US Access Board concur with this view? Is there a best practices approach?

-Chris J. ANSWER: Chris, In our opinion the only accessories that can overlap the water closet clear floor space are those that are an accessory to the water closet.  Associated grab bars, dispensers, sanitary napkin disposal units, coat hooks, and shelves are permitted to overlap the required clear floor space.  No other fixtures or obstructions shall be located within the … READ MORE

Are older buildings grandfathered in from making them accessible to wheel chair users?

-Keith K. ANSWER: The quick answer is no.  “Grandfathering” does not exist in the ADA.  Since the ADA was passed, there has been a barrier removal obligation.  The trigger to remove these barriers is the fact that they exist.  It does not matter how old the building is.  There are three reasons that barriers do not need to be removed. … READ MORE

What is the law concerning handicapped accessible parking concerning tractor trailer trucks & truck stops?

  -Tish K. ANSWER: Tish, As long as you provide a passenger loading zone in compliance with the ADA Standards, you should be OK. The ADA Standards have an exemption from the requirement to provide accessible parking spaces for those parking spaces used exclusively for: Buses Trucks Other delivery vehicles Law enforcement vehicles Vehicular impound …when such lots provide a … READ MORE